About Us:

We had to make this site because there are too many bad companies out there. Many manufacturers sell cheap memory foam mattresses with toxic chemicals that cause more harm than good. Some companies charge all kinds of crazy finance fees just to make a profit. Others fight customers every step of the way when they want to return something. These companies should be avoided like the plague.

On the other hand, there are a few companies that will do everything they can to help customers, even if it means losing money. These stellar companies deserve to be mentioned and honored. These are companies we would buy mattresses from ourselves because they do everything they can to provide the best service.

It’s with this spirit that we back Medical Breakthrough (www.MedicalBreakthroughCorp.com). Throughout our years of rigorous mattresses testing we discovered one company that was consistently on the cutting edge of memory foam research and production. This was Medical Breakthrough,

and their Heal Every Night bed is the world's most advanced healing mattress. It’s endorsed by over 25 prestigious doctors, chiropractors, massage therapist, physical therapist and surgeons. And many of these medical professionals own a Heal Every Night bed themselves. If you purchase a mattress through this site or Heal Every Night, you can be sure that you will get the industry’s best customer service and products.

That being said, we take our responsibility as a buyers guide very seriously. Through painstaking diligence we make sure we stay objective and unbiased. If you’re not interested in a Heal Every Night bed there are dozens of other mattresses that we recommend. However, we have high standards. Every company we recommend must pass our checklist which includes quality products, great service, and excellent return and refund policies. What’s more, when customers complain, these companies must resolve their issues or supply refunds within 30 days.

We encourage reader feedback, too. Please, report any bad experiences you have with mattress companies. If you we receive too many negative responses about any companies on our recommended list we will remove them from our rankings, immediately.