Healing Beds

The Healing Mattress is our bet for the absolute best bed on the market. These mattresses help heal you every night, 8 hours a night, 365 nights a year. The manufacturers have worked tirelessly for the past 20 years to perfect a product that can help you heal while you sleep. According to their website, the company worked with over 25 doctors, pain specialists, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and surgeons to engineer their products. We’re glad to report that their collective effort has paid off because they’ve created the most comfortable, rejuvenating bed on the market. Healing Beds offer the most advanced healing technology we can find at the best price.

While other manufacturers’ mattresses are a mere 14 inches, Healing Mattresses are an impressive 15 inches thick. The extra thickness will help you fall asleep quicker and give you a more restful slumber.

Healing Beds have 3 different methods of healing: soft healing, medium healing, and firm healing. Their soft healing method will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Their medium healing method mattresses are the perfect combination of softness and support. And if you want extra back and lumbar support their firm healing method mattresses are perfect for you.

Consumer Friendly
It’s obvious that Healing Beds are created to maximize the customer experience. The biggest problem we’ve noticed with other mattresses is that they don’t offer a better quality of sleep. With some manufacturers, when you first get your mattress it might seem suitable, but after awhile you’ll notice that your sleep hasn’t improved. With Healing Beds the quality of your slumber improves immediately.

The durability of these mattresses is very important, too. When you purchase a mattress the hope is that it will last over 10 years. For that reason, Healing Beds doesn’t just use any memory foam material for their mattresses. They’ve improved on the industry standard to create something that resembles NASA’s Memory Foam technology. NASA created a special version of memory foam for pilot cushioning and crash protection. Now you can enjoy bedding that replicates the best memory foam technology in the world, thanks to the doctors and scientists behind the Healing Beds.

Bells and Whistles
There are a lot of great features incorporated into all their mattresses. Each bed includes a top layer made with Comfort Cooling Memory Foam, a middle section that’s created with Inner-Core Airflow Foam, and a bottom level that’s produced with Zero-Sag Foundation Foam. It’s wrapped in an Organic Cotton Mattress Cover. Additionally, it utilizes Rapid Response Foam Dynamics engineering to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts
Healing Beds is the clear choice for the industry leader. It makes of the world's best medical mattresses. These beds have all of the features of luxury mattresses at a much lower price. Always, remember to buy directly from the Healing Bed website to get the lowest possible price and avoid dealers making profits.

  Heal Every Night™ :

  • Discounts available for Senior, Military & Disabled
  • 0% Financing Available with No Fees
  • 10 Year No Mileage Warranty
  • Flame Tested
  • 100 Day Trial with No Extra Fees*
  • Organic Material
  • 15 Inch Thick
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Available in all Size
  • Available in all Density