If you’re looking for one of the top organic choices in the mattress industry -- the Organicpedic is the bed for you. This is the best piece of furniture money can buy.  For that reason, this luxury style mattress will definitely stand out in your bedroom.  It features excellent engineering and all-natural features.


OrganicPedic offers a collection of mattresses that are made with organic materials. They advertise that their products give consumers the choice to “sleep safe without sacrificing comfort and luxury.” They offer latex and innerspring options, as well as a latex/innerspring combo and multiple fabric choices. They use the top certified organic raw materials available. Their beds range in comfort level from plush to extra firm, and follow both the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) guidelines.

Their "sleep zones" system, which can be adjusted to each sleeper, gives their mattresses a level of customizability. And their beds are built by hand in what they call their Eco-Factory in Northern California.

Consumer Friendly

OrganicPedic makes their luxury mattresses with certified organic bedding. These beds are handcrafted in America from high quality sustainable raw materials. The OMI brand has been around for nearly 15 years, and they promote healthy sleep that complements a healthy lifestyle. Customers love their beds because their designed reduces exposure to many of the chemicals found in other sleep products.

Bells and Whistles

These mattresses come with several features. Each bed is made with three layers of GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex. The firm, three-inch latex inner core sits inside 2 layers of soft, two-inch latex. These beds are two-sided and flat-surfaced, and are covered with signature knit cushion quilting.


OrganicPedic offers a 20-year limited warranty. For the first ten (10) years they guarantee that your mattress will be replaced or repaired without a cost to you if it’s deemed defective. After ten years, repairs or replacement will be prorated based on a sliding percentage basis.

Final Thoughts

These beds are very comfortable and durable.  What’s more, OrganicPedic’s organic requirements push the limits of what an all-natural bed can be.  For decades customers have settled for mattresses with synthetic materials and chemicals. Those days are over.  More and more customers are looking for organic alternatives. If you’re looking for an healthy, environmentally-conscious choice, run out and get this bed today.