Posh + Lavish


You can be almost certain that you’ll get a satisfying sleep with Posh + Lavish mattresses. Their beds are some of the most comfortable products on the market. They use a well designed multi-layer technique that combines different foam densities. Every bed has a wool and knitted cotton encasement. And the core consists of the very best, Oeko-Tex Certified latex, fabric, and cotton materials. A Posh + Lavish bed is a beautiful addition to any bedroom or guestroom.


With Posh + Lavish, sleep is effortless and luxurious. Their beds are made with natural materials like long-lasting, latex rubber that’s Oeko-Tex Certified. They’re encased in generous amounts of all-natural, long fiber wool and all-natural knitted cotton. All their products are assembled with certified, non-toxic, water-based glue. And are boric acid and antimony free.

The bed’s innovative system uses cotton and wool to help warm you when you’re cool, and then cools you when you’re warm. Also both materials wick moisture from your body while you sleep.

These mattresses are covered in Tencel-faced fabric. Tencel is derived from wood pulp and uses nanotechnology that’s moisture absorbent and exceptionally durable.

Consumer Friendly

With such an attention to detail, the Posh + Lavish team has done a great job to make its mattress as consumer friendly as possible. It’s extremely durable, but super comfortable, as well.

Bells and Whistles

There are multiple features that are included with each mattress. These all-latex beds range from plush to firm. All of the rubber, fabric, and cotton materials that they’re created with are Oeko-Tex Certified. Also they’re fitted with Tencel-faced fabric.


Posh + Lavish offers a 20-year limited warranty. For the first ten (10) years they guarantee that your mattress will be replaced or repaired without a cost to you if it’s deemed defective. After ten years, repairs or replacement will be prorated based on a sliding percentage basis.

Part of the company’s brand and mission is their charitable work. Posh + Lavish donates 25% of its profits to CURE International, a nonprofit that funds life-changing surgery for children to correct clubfeet, bowed legs, cleft palates and hydrocephalus.

Final Thoughts

Creating relaxing, dependable products is not a problem for Posh + Lavish. Customers that enjoy quality, upscale items will love these beds.