Sound Sleep


Sound sleep is an American made manufacturer of premiere mattresses that uses design, and quality materials combined with state-of-the-art technology that results in unique and distinctive products. They guarantee a lifetime experience of healing and longevity with their mattresses.


Sound Sleep Products' engineers and designers are constantly developing products such as earth friendly Eco-Pad, patented Sta-Fresh® air channels, patent pending Contour Correct support system and industry leading PureGel™. A number of their features are patented to fit the overall design and durability of their mattresses.

Consumer Friendly

Sound Sleep Product's manufacturing process is 95% efficient in eliminating waste through smart technology and innovative repurposing of materials. Their Eco Pad® product is created with post production materials. Their commitment to the environment and community gives them an edge in purchasing decisions online.

Bells and Whistles

Each collection of brands like Lady Americana and Advanced Gel Technology offers a variety of perks that fit any idea you consider. Whether you are looking for a mattress in the bedroom or you want something comfortable to work on at the spa, there is a mattress for you. Their products produce no off-gassing, are protected with a natural flame retardant and are manufactured in an ecologically responsible manner.


Sound sleep warranties vary based on which brand mattress you purchase. Their overall mission is customer satisfaction so; they are always available to resolve any issues should they arise.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a healthy, environmentally-conscious choice, run out and get a mattress from this company today. This is one of the only companies that make their bedroom mattresses like they make all their other products; with precision and care.